Company Overview

AP Commercial, Inc. is a real estate property management company specializing in maximizing value for our owners. The company provides property management, project leasing, asset management and investment services to our institutional, corporate, tenant in common and private clients.

The department's executive and management personnel average over 20 years of commercial real estate experience and service. Our primary goal is to maximize the value of each asset through our unsurpassed knowledge of revenue generation, cost containment and tenant retention. Today, the company oversees a portfolio of 63 properties in 9 states. This portfolio contains 3.065 million square feet representing properties valued at approximately $325 million in office, retail, industrial and medical.



Property Asset Management

AP Commercial provides customized services that monitors and maintains properties / assets of value to a single entity or group of properties. We use is a systematic process of operating, maintaining, upgrading, and analysis of disposing of assets cost-effectively. Our focus is in this department is a practice of managing assets to achieve the greatest return by using our specialized process of monitoring and maintaining facilities systems, with the objective of providing the best possible service to the Tenants.

Commercial Property Management

Our keen knowledge of cost containment allows further value creation through reduced operating expenses. Our portfolio bidding allows us to further reduce operating expenses in the specific categories of insurance and utilities. By bidding as a portfolio insurance, we have been able to achieve savings of 25-30% versus individual property policies. As for utilities, we are able to achieve savings in excess of 30% due to our expertise in the products offered in Texas’ deregulated energy market. By educating ourselves to the vast array of products, services and providers, we ensure the most cost effective plan is placed.

Whether it's a heat rate, MCPE or fixed rate product, depends on both current and future market conditions. An in depth analysis, including ancillary charges and term length, is performed so we may contract for the most economic terms possible.

By managing our energy contracts, we have outperformed our competition in disastrous situations such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (where the supply of natural gas was interrupted), and through the regional issues of line congestion and transmittal.

We are also well aware of the impact higher appraised property value has on the bottom line. Since Texas is a non-disclosure state, every effort is made to reduce value, thereby reducing tax outlays.  Analysis is performed in each step of the appraisal process, from the initial protest, to the informal hearings, to the review board determination and finally to the lawsuit stage, our clients are provided the details to make the most informative decision for their asset.

Insurance, energy and property taxes are certainly the "big three" when it comes to operating expenses, but make no mistake, we do not limit our efforts on reducing expenses of just these categories. Our comprehensive review of all expenses, and our annual bidding of all contracts, coupled with the bidding of unanticipated repair, maintenance and capital costs, allows for the most economical management of any asset.


We strive to drive strong rental rates and while reducing vacancy and believe this is essential to any successful commercial real estate property. AP Commercial, Inc. maintains leasing and brokerage services in house and maintains strong partnerships with other area brokerage companies. We handle all marketing for our commercial leasing, property tours, lease negotiations, prospective tenant relations, and retail cultivation. We work hard to build and maintain a strong relationship from first impression through tenancy. That means regular communication, a collaborative approach to negotiations, attentive property management, and collective investment of time and resources.


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