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Excellent Commercial Property Management is not an expense.

It is an Investment in your Future.

AP Commercial Inc


Company Overview

AP Commercial, Inc. is a real estate property management company specializing in maximizing value for our owners. The company provides property management, project leasing, asset management and investment services to our institutional, corporate, tenant in common and private clients.

The department's executive and management personnel average over 20 years of commercial real estate experience and service. Our primary goal is to maximize the value of each asset through our unsurpassed knowledge of revenue generation, cost containment and tenant retention. Today, the company oversees a portfolio of 63 properties in 9 states. This portfolio contains 3.065 million square feet representing properties valued at approximately $325 million in office, retail, industrial and medical.


When looking for a high-quality commercial property management company, you want a company that has qualified leasing specialists that know the commercial/office/warehouse space inside and out and can bring in the right tenants for each commercial property. Our commercial leasing specialists oversee every aspect from advertising and marketing the property to potential tenants, both locally and nationally, to negotiating and executing the actual lease. 


Our team of Property Management Professionals have unique skills and knowledge required for managing and leasing office, industrial and retail property that sets us apart from the rest of the competition. Our team will help with property inspection, tenant screening to collecting rents and maintenance. Our vast experience in delivering the highest profits becomes your advantage when we go to work managing your commercial property. AP Commercial Broker and C.E.O, Mark Gregory has managed retail, industrial, and office properties for nearly four decades in Houston. Whether you are in the middle of a purchase and need help with due diligence or are a long-time owner who simply wants to reduce your own workload, AP Commercial is ready to tackle every need your commercial property has.

Mark T. Gregory

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer


Mark T. Gregory is Chief Executive Officer and a Managing Director of AP Commercial, Inc.  Mark is responsible for all corporate planning and financial operations, in addition to overseeing all activities of the operating divisions of the company. 


Mark began his professional real estate career in 1986 where he served on the management team of Houston-based Harold Farb Investments, responsible for management and leasing of San Felipe Plaza, a 1.1 million square foot trophy class office building in the Galleria area of Houston.  Mark was promoted to Sr. Property Manager and Leasing Agent in 1988 and assigned a mixed use portfolio consisting of 585,000 square feet of office and retail. His career expanded in 1995 when Mark joined REOC Property Services, Inc. and was assigned a 1.9 million square foot mixed use portfolio.  This experience eventually led Mark to be hired by Houston based Asset Plus Corporation in 1990.  Mark was promoted to Sr. Vice President 2003 and in 2013 acquired the Commercial Division of Asset Plus Corporation from its owner. Mark specializes in marketing, leasing and managing office and retail portfolios for institutional and private investors.  He is directly responsible for pro forma performance including meeting target leasing goals required by lenders and investors.


In addition, Mark has developed new business, asset business plans, and marketing material.  He is also responsible for new construction contracts and lease document review and preparation.  Mark has also been responsible for pad site development and/or sale.  His experience with office portfolios totals over 1 million square feet and retail portfolios in excess of 900,000 square feet.


Mark is a 1985 graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University and currently holds a Texas Real Estate License.

Sergio Hernandez

Lead Engineer

Sergio has been an integral part of AP Commercial, Inc. since its inception.  Sergio is certified in mechanical and electrical equipment, and oversees all aspects of maintenance and engineering at the properties.  Sergio started his career at Harold Farb Investments in 1988, and has moved with Mark to various companies throughout his career.



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Both property managers and property owners cannot deny that commercial real estate is a tough and challenging market, especially in an ultra-competitive area like Houston. Over the past two years, commercial property owners have experienced:

Unprecedented vacancy rates

Escalating costs and expenses

Rising lease rates

However, at AP Commercial, we believe that your commercial property should be able to stand successfully on its own–no matter the market condition or forecast. That is why we remain committed to providing the best property management services tailored to every property owner. Now more than ever, efficient, and effective property management can set your commercial real estate investment apart.


If you have invested in industrial, retail or office space and are looking for a knowledgeable commercial real estate property management company that can help you get the most out of your commercial property investment, then contact our commercial property management professionals to find out what we can do to help you make the most from your investment.


At AP Commercial, your goals and success are our priority. 

Why AP?


Our Retail and Office Property Management Services Include:

Strategies to Maximize Your Profits 

Our experienced team has faced all types of situations in every kind of market cycle and look forward to maximizing your profits. We have a proven track record of helping owners revitalize their spaces and improve their returns. From upscale retail to basic warehouse space, we are ready to translate our capabilities to improved net income.

Financial Reporting

In our industrial, retail and office management services, we handle all the financial reporting for your property. Our monthly reports provide you all the detail of your income and expenses on your property, so you are easily able to view your asset’s financial position. Your finances matter to us.


Lease Negotiations with Emphasis on Tenant Retention

Our leasing specialists stay up to date on local market trends to make a long-term leases attractive to potential tenants. We are thorough in our tenant screening process and clearly explain the lease to tenants, so they understand their obligations under the lease. Our goal as your commercial property management company is to find those long-term tenants so that your property earns you income today and in the foreseeable future. By treating your tenants with respect and attending to necessary repairs promptly, we position ourselves so that tenants want to remain on the property and react favorably to signing a new lease when it comes to leasing negotiations.

Of course, as a commercial leasing specialist, we understand and follow all the local, state, and Federal laws regarding the leasing of commercial properties.


Timely Payment of All Operating Invoices

As an owner of commercial property, you know that there are operating expenses related to the property. Our retail and property management includes the timely payment of all operating expenses to give you peace of mind. 


Vendor Management

We handle all vendor communication for your property. From issuing any orders for goods or services, inspecting the products or services, to negotiating prices for those goods and services, we work diligently to ensure that you get the best possible goods or services possible for the lowest possible price. 


Preventative Maintenance

We provide our clients with long-range planning to help keep your expenses down. Our preventative maintenance services allow us to make small repairs before they become serious problems requiring more expensive outlays. Our in-house maintenance branch can save you a great deal of time and money should your existing property need work performed.

Property Asset Management

AP Commercial provides customized services that monitor and maintain properties / assets of value to a single entity or group of properties. We use a systematic process of operating, maintaining, and upgrading, and an analysis of disposing of assets as cost-effectively as possible. Our focus in this department is a practice of managing assets to achieve the greatest return by using our specialized process of monitoring and maintaining facilities systems, with the objective of providing the best possible service to the Tenants.

Commercial Property Management

Our expertise in cost containment drives value creation by lowering operating expenses. Portfolio bidding slashes costs further, with savings of 25-30% in insurance and over 30% in utilities. We educate ourselves on diverse products and services to secure the most cost-effective plans.

We analyze market conditions to choose the best energy contracts, outperforming competitors during crises like Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We also minimize property tax outlays through meticulous appraisal management in Texas' non-disclosure state.

While insurance, energy, and property taxes are crucial, our cost-saving efforts extend to all expenses. Annual bidding on contracts and proactive management of repair and maintenance costs ensure efficient asset management.


We strive to drive strong rental rates and while reducing vacancy and believe this is essential to any successful commercial real estate property. AP Commercial, Inc. maintains leasing and brokerage services in house and maintains strong partnerships with other area brokerage companies. We handle all marketing for our commercial leasing, property tours, lease negotiations, prospective tenant relations, and retail cultivation. We work hard to build and maintain a strong relationship from first impression through tenancy. That means regular communication, a collaborative approach to negotiations, attentive property management, and collective investment of time and resources.


AP Commercial makes it easy to be a Real Estate Investor. When you sign on as a client with AP Commercial, you will enjoy the benefits of hands-on, full-service property management and care. Our team brings a unique mix of talents, drawing on their personal work experience to deliver outstanding results, satisfied tenants, and stress-free property ownership. We have added value to properties and cut costs for a great number of owners in the past, and we are eager to do the same for you. 

We take on the hard work of property care, tenant selection, vetting, rent, and tenant relationship management. We work hard to ensure you get paid on time every month while realizing above market rental income. We offer a full range of services for Commercial Property Management that can be individually tailored to meet all your property management needs.


Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representation

We have talented tenant representatives that focus on different niches: office space, retail space, restaurants, industrial real estate and more.

  • Detailed reporting 

  • Quick responses to queries and concerns

  • Staff available via phone for direct communication

  • Reduced management costs and overhead

  • Expertise and know-how when it comes to local and surrounding markets

  • Creative leasing and retention strategies

  • Stable, long-term, and diverse tenancies

  • Mortgage, insurance, and utility audits

  • Portfolio pricing for Insurance and Electricity

  • Reduce operating costs through vendor contract negotiation.

  • Maintenance & Grounds Supervision

  • Preventative maintenance 

  • 24/7 Emergency Response 

  • Capex recommendations and budgeting





Thank you for your interest in AP Commercial, Inc.

We have been helping our clients with their retail, medical, office, and industrial properties for more than twenty years.


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